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Teringin Johnny's...sebab tu buat sendiri steamboat.
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Teringin Johnny

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Monday, 28-Jul-2008 07:02
Food, glorious food!
Weekend should be a break, but being a mother is a 24x7 job. It's a responsible that neither you can run nor hide from it. Cooking is my job. To make it easy on me, I try to make it fun and exciting eventhough sometimes hate to think the answer to the jackpot question, "what shall I cook for the day?"

During summer, we hate to go out for lunch (sebab panas kan), so we have no other choice, either we order in or I cook. Most of the time, I will cook for lunch, during weekend, in summer time. But this time, I have an idea, to give something to my family...for them to cook for me.. hehehe...

A steamboat!

Recipe Yong Tau Foo
Oyster sauce
Stock Ikan Bilis
Garam Gula
Tepung Jagung (dibancuh)
White pepper

Masak air, campur kicap, sos tiram, stock ikan bilis, garam, gula, pepper, and last sekali tepung jagung. Kacau hingga pekat, masukkan sedikit minyak so that dia jadi hitem berkilat

Sambal Yong Tau Foo:
Bawang putih
Bawang merah
Lada kering dikisar
Asam keping

Boil some water, masak all the ingredient, sambal masak lama skit mengikut kepekatan yg disukai. Settle...

Sos Steamboat (Rekaan sendiri)
Perencah tom yam adabi (kalau takde, kena tumis bawang, lada, lengkuas, halia, serai, dan sedikit air limau nipis)
Sedikit lengkuas, halia, bawang kisar
Tepung jagung
Daun ketumbar

Masak sampai pekat, last sekali letak daun ketumbar dan bijan. Dah...siappp..

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